Elizabeth Warren was a good candidate, but it’s time to go all in for Bernie

THANK YOU. Honestly, this is what bothers me most about the Bernie Sanders camp. They keep preaching how "we didn't learn last time" but in my view, it's his supporters that didn't take any major lessons from 2016. I even voted for the guy in the 2016 primary, and then came to regret it.

You could have all backed Elizabeth Warren if you truly cared about progressive politics and electability. She was left out to dry in favor of an old white guy who couldn't build coalitions with African-American, white educated females, and moderate voters; instead you just once again thought the youth vote would save you. He's just not that great of a candidate! If it helps you sleep better by claiming DNC rigging, etc., then go ahead - but Biden didn't even spend resources and crushed him. How do you think he would fare in the general?

I'm a progressive that voted for Warren. She had everything I wanted policy-wise in a candidate AND she was less polarizing than Sanders. People want to act like he's some sort of hero, but I look at him and his hubris as being somewhat of an asshole, especially after the 2016 election where he effectively did exactly what he did this time around - took DNC resources while talking shit on them, then divided the party, and didn't drop out when he should have. His little smirks at the DNC Convention when his people were protesting were all I needed to know about him. He has good ideas but goddamn, is that guy out for himself.

I knew that Sanders would never turn out the African-American vote or the moderate vote, he's shit at building a coalition because all he does is talk down to people with his populism and divisive rhetoric, he can't unite or expand the tent - but his base thinks he's a goddamn martyr and won't ever listen to the slightest bit of criticism without flying off the handle. Instead of even thinking about Warren as a legitimate candidate they cut her down and called her a snake, etc., for even daring to run against him. Now they expect her supporters to also bend a knee when she drops out? It blows my mind. I'll support him in the general if he makes it that far, but no freaking way before that.

So yeah, sorry - I'm a bit more pragmatic than that. You don't cut down all the people that you need to build a coalition with. And that's exactly why he would be a lame duck President; he simply does not have the skill set required to be a negotiator. He'd wave his hands around a lot and bleat on about the establishment keeping him from everything he wants to do instead of coming to the table. He's a populist and that's it.

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