Have you ever cut contact with a girl you actually liked? If yes, why?

My old neighbour. My dream woman, the perfect mix of hotness and hardness, from far enough down the wrong side of the tracks to handle the scandal. She moved in, had an abusive bf, I was having to rescue the kids often, keep an eye out for her. He went to jail in the end. We had a great friendship, I used to grow heaps of weed, she was broke and so we just swapped baking for weed, she would bake cakes, muffins, biscuits, all sorts of pies, awesome food in exchange for large mounts of cannabis(best worst drug dealer ever I am) we would get blazed, like really blazed and be totally cool with our own personal demons together.

Talk for a few hours every day, the conversations where both of us linger well after we have run out of things to say, just standing there not sure what to do.

I had to go date another girl to get over the intense feelings I had for her, I didn't want to get into a relationship with my neighbour, she had come out of a seriously abusive relationship and I was happy that she was finding her groove again and actually cared about her so I put my feeling aside and put her welfare above mine. I moved away 2 months ago after living downstairs from her for the last 3.5 years.

Total wife material for me, a diamond in my life in a time that we both went through some personal drama, gold for my soul and just the wrong timing.

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