why is every place full this weekend?

Yeah I get the same during busy holidays and what not. Unfortunately for the non guest, I match their energy if they get pissed because "oMg wHy aRe yOu sOlD oUt! I kNoW yOu hAvE rOoMs hIdDeN aWaY! yOu jUsT dOnT wAnT tO rEnT tO mE!"

me: no to your assumptions however it IS a major holiday AND the weekend. People have made reservations to prepare for this so they can have a room. Maybe next year plan ahead and you wont be stuck in this situation.

if they get more irrate or demand a managers card I tell them

"doors that way have a good night and if you continue I'll have you removed and no you dont need a managers card because youre not a guest here. Instead you tried to argue with me over something small and not available."

Im pushing it saying what I say but technically youre not a guest here and screaming at me for sure will not get you a damn thing from me other than "LEAVE"

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