Why is everything so sexual?

In the early days of this country you would be religiously persecuted for talking openly about sex. It was much more behind closed doors, which I guess for a lot of people was its own sort of living hell. Then you throw in two world wars, modernization, and a great depression, and you see the floodgates start to open a little. Companies realize that sex sells very early on. It was still heavily censored on television, but the implication was more than enough then (example: girl licking a ice cream cone suggestively). You have the whole hippy, rebellious generation in the 60s who were super sexual, with it getting even more gross in the 70s. Still, censored and mainly frowned upon by society in general. Now you have that generation growing up and taking control. Censorship is slowly fading away with independent streaming services. There are more agnostic and non-religious people than ever before. Mental illness is at a very high level. Throw all of that together and you end up with the south park level of sexualization that is going on today. I mean, people were rightfully complaining about this stuff in the late 90's and 2000s when it really reached its tipping point. Since then, its only gotten worse. Its... gross.

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