FACEIT Community Night prize not received almost a year later.

  1. She's not the FACEIT campaign manager.
  2. Notice the dates you start harrassing her in DMs on her private Twitter. Did anything particularly big happen in the world around that time? That might have affected organizational structures and logistics? Caused worldwide shutdowns of corporations? Did you notice her changed job description?
  3. Is it a coincidence her profile and tweets are now locked?

tl;dr: stop harrassing the wrong person and use proper channels.

Oh, look, you got your Reddit justice army to turn their downvotes on me. Fuck off guys. Sue is not the FACEIT campaign manager anymore and has nothing to do with this case. Shit's fucked up at FACEIT but if you have an issue, contact Faceit Support. Don't be expecting answers by DMing the people that used to do that job before. And then act all offended when you inevitably get ignored because you're talking to the wrong person, and direct the Reddit army because this is the worst kind of discrimination: the kind against you.

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