First woman is slated to graduate Army Green Beret training, lawmaker says

As a proud selectee from class 5-92 I say HOORAH! Takes more balls than most men have to try. The most motivated, tough, smart and physically fit men I ever met were reduced to blubbering puddles of sweat by that course. Self included. Shouldn't make any difference what gender a person is. If they are good at what they do then you put them to work. The thing I liked the most about SF is it was the closest thing to a meritocracy I ever saw. Good to hear they were able to adapt.

If you go to Fort Bragg and visit the Battalion HQ of 2/325 there is a plaque on the wall that reads: "Only the flexible survive" Hamilton 1982

'Mad Jack' Hamilton was our Battalion commander. I could tell stories all day...

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