For those who have experienced a drug induced psychosis, what's it like?

The closest thing i have experienced to drug induced psychosis is moderate alcohol withdrawal. It was really scary at first. I would feel like I was dreaming when I was lying awake in bed. Hearing my neighbors blasting weird hypnotic chanting music when it was 3 am and I knew that they weren't. Hearing people walking around in my apartment, doors opening or closing, etc. when I knew I was alone. I would see people in my peripheral vision only to quickly turn my head an see no one was there. It was honestly horrifying but I was simultaneously so depressed that even though I thought I was dying, I didn't really care. It was kind of like a misersbly bad trip but i lay there and just experienced it. After just a few days of no sleeping, not being able to eat and these haunting hallucinations, once i started to feel a little more normal I started to get really really happy. Just realizing that it was going away and I wasn't going to die or be like that forever was the most relieving feeling. I'm kind of annoying cheerful a lot of the time now. :)

About dosage and such: I was at about one two two pints of vodka a day for months. That's honestly not nearly as much as some alcoholics drink and I was doing a pretty decent job of maintaining that level without getting worse (still justifying it, holy cow) Honestly I only kept drinking every day to put off the horrible feeling of withdrawals, and once I had a couple shots (usually by like 10 am) o just kept going. Anyway, I can honestly say my withdrawals were mercifully mild. I probably could have benefitted from medical attention but I just went cold turkey on my own and I'm much better off for it now.

However, to this day, if I even have a couple beers at a party, the next day I get shakes and sweats and feel my mind doing a weird slipping thing. It's so unpleasant. I probably have no business still drinking but it is so normalized and such a common part of everyday life that it's really hard to never partake. I'm never ever ever going back to how I was, though

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