Why is Fox hunting with packs of dogs still legal in Ireland?

I'm in an area where the fancy fuckers do this all the time in their ponce red coats and black riding helmets.

Some of the things we do to discourage this stuff (and it works) includes:

  • Spraying lemongrass oil and water mixture along the trails the riders want to take. Lemongrass is incredibly fragrant and dogs hate it, so it will throw off trails greatly.
  • Air horns to scare both the dogs and the horses alike.
  • Imitating the calls they do to their dogs to distract them or call them off course.
  • Sharp pointed branches placed around perimeters and hedgerows with the intent of impaling any horses that try jump into your fields.
  • Shoot on sight for any dogs in the fields.

There's more we can do, and honestly we need to campaign to get this "sport" banned anyway. It serves no purpose, is destructive, cruel and isn't even our culture.

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