Fucked up society

Sex or mastubation is fine a couple times of week and isn't the issue. Most people on nofap are doing it multiple times daily with porn which is the huge issue

I never said that and NO. Sex is fine, any time, but masturbation isnt. And “doing it multiple times a day” Nope.

Thats not how relapsing works. Theres people that do it multiple times a day, yes, however there are also people that relapse after a couple days. 2 days, RELAPSE. 3 days. RELAPSE. And they are trapped in a cycle, they want to quit, their PMO addiction, its holding them back.

however I am going to downvote you because you're being assumptious and don't need to swear.

Go ahead then. And you’re assuming I’m being assumptious. I’m speaking out of MY OWN EXPERIENCE!!!

And “dont need to swear”, it drives the fucking point home. And is swearing really your concern? On a subreddit dedicated to recovery from an addiction to a drug that isnt physical, involves a billion dollar industry of abuse, trauma and loneliness?

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