Gameday Thread 8/2/16 Giants (Bumgarner) @ Phillies (Eflin) 4:05 PM PT

Well options come down to just a basic math problem. If you go to a players Baseball Reference page and his service time is <3 (this number is located at the top of the page under all the other biographical info), then he can be moved up and down as many times as his team likes in a given year. The entire season is considered an option year, so the player can move between the major and minor leagues without passing through waivers at any time during these first three MLB seasons. A player being "out of options" means his service time has become greater than or equal to three. Important to note that some guys will have options for 4-5 seasons because they only play for small parts of a season in the major leagues. So if a guy has had 4 cups of coffee in the majors, he is said to "still have options" even if it's his 4th season participating on a big league roster.

This is all a long winded way of saying Suarez will be retained no problem while Reynolds will have to be DFA'd or passed through irrevocable waivers if the Giants want to send him to Sacramento.

I like how you prentended not to know that, Bobby. Good diversion tactic. But I'm on to you.

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