Gildess Recall?
Tons of news stories about the 2015 recall, but only one about this year's, and it's a voluntary recall(?). I was told last week that I had to start taking a different brand, too, and they didn't have replacements for me until this Monday.
Apparently there's been a reduced amount of ethinyl estradiol, which supplements progestin and is the reason combination-type pills have a wider time window for taking the pill each day than progestin-only pills (for which you can't be more than 2-3 hours late before needing to use backup for a few days, compared to combination pills, for which you can skip up to one day and take two pills when you remember). This is huge news for users like me who take the pill at varying times (when I go to sleep, which can vary up to 5 hours). However, they often do recalls for an entire lot when only a small number of packs are affected.

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