Is this girl at work mocking me or playing some games?

I mean, you can't be more blunt than that. Women who worked at bars know just how direct you have to be to get the guys attention. Doesn't sound like a joke or a plot to me, just some intense advances. It's not a game either, opposite if anything, I can't call that even a soft ball.

Well, it's that or she's just a proffessional cock-sleeve with some wicked sense of humor. Thou "boyfriend" topic points against that argument.

Different people have different prefferences - just because you don't like you, it doesn't mean there aren't people there that find you attractive.

On the other hand I'd highly NOT recommend any form of intimate relationship when working at a bar between co-workers, I've seen too many of those ending abruptly and one of the bartenders having to leave the job because they simply can't be near each other anymore. Not even mentioning jealousy when watching flirty clients going at it with your SO / work sex buddy.

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