Girls make higher grades than boys in all school subjects, analysis finds

Google your state nursing boards. So California Board of nursing. There will be a section on education. I think most state have them online. Find the NCLEX pass rates. You can see individual schools on that.

They don't post the individual school attrition rates or at least I haven't seen those posted on the web. However, 20% was the AVERAGE attrition rate in Cali. Your school will know what they are. You could do recon at that school also. Just find a nursing student and ask them about the program. The students will all know how many don't make it. They won't bullshit you either like the school will. Try and find a guy to talk to about it but I wouldn't lead with asking to talk to a guy.

I really tried to leave my gender out of as much as possible. Also I wouldn't email teachers. I swear women and men read emails differently.

I'd be more worried about the 1 failure rule/restart rule. It gives you no room for error. In normal college if I got sick I could leave school for a while. I could come back and finish. I could repeat courses. Nursing school not so much, at least at mine.

Any school that has a chapter of that will probably be more guy friendly.

Places like that will be good. Any school bragging about how diverse they are will I think give you a better chance for success. I had less than 5% males in my class. One remains. Me and the other quit. I suspect he will failout or drop but I am rooting for him.

about something I've been sure about for years. :(

Then don't let some dude on the net talk you out of it. Everyone's experience will be different. There are good schools out there. Go over to /r/studentnurse and do some searching of what has been posted. There are schools that turn away 4.0 students. There are schools that have 70% attrition rates. There are schools that brag about their diversity. There are schools who have no diversity. There are schools where guys do well. There are schools where they all quit. There are schools with horrible policies on failing/restart. There are schools that are more reasonable in my opinion.

The course progression will be listed on the website. The course failure policy will be up also.

Just pick your school carefully. I hate higher education. They sell hope. I want to rage knowing that girl has 80k in debt and no degree. Fuck everything about that.

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