A GOP-Led Congress Will Be Scary as Hell for LGBTQ+ People

The bill strictly prohibits classroom discussion on this sort of thing from kindergarten through third grade, so essentially, 5-9 year Olds. Look. I know you guys just want to be right and do right by people, but the dems need to drop this issue and stop with their current line of "this is an attack on LGBT people", because it isn't.

It's an attack on people unduly influencing children. The fact that they're running with the LGBT angle makes it seem like automatically when you talk about grooming/pedophiles, you're talking about LGBT people, which isn't the case and is simply bigoted.

If the dems don't drop this issue, they're going to lose even more support because the way they're trying to fight the bill is back-asswards and makes it seem like they think all pedophiles are LGBT.

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