You guys are gonna be why we can't have nice things.

And it's not because Epic didn't fuck up with how they handled the sword, it's because of how we, the community, handled it. From day one we have been bitching about the sword like a kid who can't have their cookie before dinner. I mean this subreddit is so salty it makes Overwatch playerd look like goody two shoes. Did you know you, that before this subreddit was made the red sea was actually fresh water?

All jokes aside I think that the next time Epic does something we disagree with, we can handle it with more tact. Atleast try to give constructive feedback.

If you don't know how to give constructive feedback you can follow these four steps:

I'll try to write the perspective of disliking the sword

  1. Name your observation;

Since the sword has been added I notice a drastic change in gameplay. To many people die early on trying to compete for the sword, making the map feel empty. And when someone finally does get the sword. They are to godly to fight against.

  1. Name what it does to you;

These changes made the game nearly unejoyable to me.

  1. Name the consequences;

If the game stays in its current state I don't think I can continue playing since the sword is to much of a drag to play with.

  1. Name how you would like to see it done;

I realise that there are people who do enjoy playing with the sword in the game, but I also feel like I'm not the only one who dislike it completely. My proposal is to give the sword it's seperate gamemode for people who do want to play with it. And than people who dislike it can continue playing fortnite the way they want.

Do this and you give context for Epic to do something with. Instead of blindy throwing accusations and threatening to stop playing/buying skins. Epic doesn't care about that.

That said I realise this post is a bit of a stretch, since this is the internet and the average player is probably 12-14 years old and hasn't developed their scepticism yet.

Thanks for reading.

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