You guys have opened my eyes

The left is concerned with every single point of those.

The folks "the left" elects (i.e. Democrats) are really not--the majority of them anyway. They signal their concern because it earns them votes and donations but not much more than that. And the second it's not effective, they'll stop.

The left is not a solid block.

That sort of undercuts "the left is concerned with every single point of those" but okay. Neither is "the right," though.

just don't ask other people to drop battles you deem less important

I'm not. I'm asking them to stop fighting those battles on the Right's terms. Go to r/politics and see how much of it is consumed with "Let's Go Brandon" and the latest thing MTG had to say. So much of what we're drawn to and upvote is fueled simply by our anger. All these media outlets are profiting from anger. Right wing and left wing anger. It's poisoning us. We have to extricate ourselves from that game if we want to actually confront income inequality and expose the myths of capitalism.

Just don't become an obstacles on the fights you personally don't care about.

This is my message, exactly.

Us vs the rich is economic leftism.

Us vs the bullies is social leftism.

No. It's all the second one, and we need to stop calling it "leftism." It's what is right and just. Period. We are all indoctrinated to fight one another. Almost all of our media is designed to amplify rage and hate. Social media is the free-est market of ideas there is, and those two things are what make it so profitable.

Right wing politics are about denying people a humane treatment as much as it's possible in order to extract whatever possible gains.

They're not, though. That's what I'm trying to explain to you. Our media wants us to see it that way so that we won't make any good faith attempts at reconciliation, at communication. Us versus them makes more money.

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