Guys who are struggling with women, don’t lose hope, it gets better as you age

Anecdotal experiences doesn't mean shit and it only works towards making people's confirmation bias even stronger, as the post suggests.

Women doesn't owe you anything. They don't owe being a wife, a girlfriend etc. to you. They are their own people that make their own decisions, if they don't want to "keep themselves sacred for the sake of your convenience" that's your problem. A woman isn't obligated to look for companionship or love just because she is a woman. Woman are allowed to enjoy casual sex.

You are not looking for companionship either. You want attention from women, desperately, to the point that you start hating on them like a kid crying to get his parents to buy him candy

Also, even if I were to reply to the actual post aka take the bait, there are many fallacies.

If women are "sleeping around" in their college years, they are not doing it on their own. They sleep with other men. But I don't see you complaining about other men stealing the women (as if they were a commodity that could be stolen) because it's easier for your bro instincts to justify them and bash women.

It shows that you are not close to any woman as a friend or a confidant. If you did, you would know that the portion of women you're talking about isn't big. They are actually the minority. Since you see humans of female gender as "people who should date me since I'm a nice guy™", maybe the women that would qualify in your eyes don't want to interact with you. They simply might be avoiding you.

Lastly, if someone decided to sleep with other people, they wouldn't be a suitable partner for you anyway. If we're going by anecdotes, my ex cheated on me and claimed "he was feeling lonely". I dumped his ass after he asked for my permission to sleep around. He was not suitable for me at that time. Additionally, he might change. Women who want to enjoy their youth might change as well. This doesn't mean that they got plowed by other men (jesus, this description is horrific) and now ready to settle for the provider. They might have changed their perspectives and way of life for their OWN good, not your sake. And they could become the suitable partner for that timeframe. Relationships aren't set in stone, they change and transform with every event, with passing time, with both party's actions.

Please get out more and refrain from gonewild subreddits. Life doesn't work like the internet made you believe in.

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