My wife has changed a lot since we lost our baby

My wife has it and now we are separated. She began seeing things like physical abnormalities that were not there. She is in the med field and she was/ is beyond reproach. She has a brilliant brain but the ppd reactivated childhood trauma from long ago. We all have problems but mine became the focus as she absolved herself because she presents well. It truly stinks. I retreated from my daughters because she’s an active listener and I could not speak freely to them without her chiming in and correcting what she thought was wrong. She works very hard and earns well. Me, I make about half her wage and could never really provide to them as she does. So I am gone now and they are off soon to LA Disneyland and Rodeo drive. I volunteered to take care of her new 3000.00 rescue puppy in hopes she will see I am of some sort of value. The puppy is great, my daughters as well. I know deep inside my wife knows her behavior is troubling but she functions well without me. I continue to work on myself hoping to make a comeback but it’s hard staying positive when in reality there maybe little hope.

Take care of your own sanity. Don’t let her pull you down with her.

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