Recent break-up has me feeling things.

Update: She's still with the guy she went home with that night and she immediately moved in with him. They have formed a significant attachment and his kids have bonded with her in a very significant way. She refers to the 3 of them as "her kids". I was pretty upset about it until earlier this week when we started secretly seeing eachother again. The cheating sex has been incendiary and we've been having so much sex in my car that the back seat is beginning to smell like a Red Lobster.

Tonight I took her to a concert because her new man is a welfare bum and he has no car. She was supposed to spend the night with me after the show. I spent 10 hours and about $500 acquiring a last minute ticket, getting her to the show, DDing and guarding her drinks and purse, and listening to a terrible performance. Instead of coming home with me she went home with the rapper from the opening act. She looked me dead in the eye and said "you'd do it too if you had a chance to fuck somebody famous, it's not like we're together".

I would never do anything like that to someone. After my initial angry outburst and peel-out of the parking lot I called her and apologized. I told her I would pick her up at the hotel when he finished with her. She has decided to spend the night.

I am wrong to love this girl. She is a horrible tramp and piece of human garbage. It is very stupid of me to care about her in any way and continue seeing her. I cannot control myself.

I am not possessive of her. We've been having group sex the entire time we've known eachother and I am very ok with cheating with her. It's not the sex that bothered me about this. It was when she ditched me again. We had a very direct and clear conversation about her not ditching me again and she did it anyway. That's the part that pissed me off. I could have saved hundreds of dollars and like 10 hours by just dropping her off instead of staying with her all day and night.

I want to just rip the bandaid off and tell her new boyfriend everything, but I also want to keep getting laid. The dating pool here is insanely shallow and 99% of the women I can date live an hour or more away.

I have leveraged the situation into 2 more full days with her, taking them away from her boyfriend, and our dynamic is now going to shift dramatically. I will continue to treat her exactly as I did before, but now I have a great deal more power and influence over how we interact together. I had been simping pretty hard to get laid, but now she wouldn't dare say no to me because of the implication that I could ruin her relationship at any time. I just need to figure out how far I can push it and what I can actually demand.

I guess that kind of makes me a garbage person, too.

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