I had a bit of an epiphany today.....

Wow, I was going to write this big long response and then I realized something. You just said you were not straight and got called a rapist by a woman. You rambled on about how you hate women. My story about rape is a lie to you, etc. (Because all rape stories are lies to you, right? It never happened, ever, in the history of mankind. I imagined being pushed up against a bathroom wall and being fucked from behind against my will. I imagined his tears and apologies that couldn't even reach my dead mind afterwards. Right-o.)

The one common theme in all you writing? WOMEN SUCK. You go onto a forum that has nothing to do with your hatred of women and just look for an excuse to bring your baggage out with a loud trumpet. In case you haven't noticed, you've been downvoted by others who aren't me. In case you haven't noticed, people in life laugh at your opinions because if they didn't laugh, they'd want to punch you. Because you sound like a mean, petty, small-minded man, and I don't imagine many people (straight or gay) want to listen to your insulting ramblings.

A gay man who hates women is doing himself no favours. The vast majority of gay men, in my experience, are intelligent enough to realize there's more differences WITHIN each gender than BETWEEN them. But I've met gay guys who specifically hate women before. Talking to you reminds me of how awful it was. I remember one gay guy I'd never met refusing to get into a pool with me and a few other females because he said, "eww, too much tuna in the water! I can't stand this, I mean it! I hate women, you all disgust me." And then he walked away. And by tuna, he meant vagina smell/scent. Everyone thought he was a douchebag. The gay guys avoided him like he was the plague. (Sound familiar?)

I hope you eventually hook up with a DECENT gay guy who can make you less blind, but I doubt it. My diagnosis? A man-child with self-esteem issues who keeps twisting other people's words to suit their own. It's like you're aiming to miss the point.

On second thought... DON'T DATE AT ALL. You'll find most gay men are disgusted by your attitude, and it's not fair on any gay man to have to waste their life "fixing you". It's too unfair on them. They deserve a decent, well-rounded, emotionally steady human being who will love and support them. Not the hate-filled maniac that you sound like.

BTW, you're getting close to being reported.

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