Hi my name is Matt [17M] and I want to die

Your only option... you have a couple of them. You could die, yeah. You will die. Everybody here will. So maybe you can learn to ride this (Life) out with the best of your ability. We will ALL die. You're letting your friends and family kill you, if you commit suicide.

I'm self employed. Zero real friends. My family is entirely focused on my siblings. I get NO LOVE! But I've mastered the ability to think only for myself. If I carried around every other persons baggage, I would have been dead 10 years ago.

You have respect at your school. More than I ever had. Your family will ALWAYS be there for you, even if you take a break from them right now. Don't let their fucked-up-ness screw with your future. Your mom, she had her life. This is what it has become. Don't follow the pattern.

You're not alone either. There are so many people like you (me) out here. Just find your strength. if you're doing good with your career, focus on that. You don't necessarily need school to be successful. But it helps sometimes. It might sound like a run down phrase, but if you drown yourself in a hobby/school/career/etc you will rise to the surface a new person.

Get out of the rut, dude. Life is yours. Take control. Eliminate the weak in your life that bring you down. Learn to control your family and don't take everything they do or say so seriously. Sometimes you need to watch somebody choke.

And as far as your friends go? Fucking hell. Stop talking to these people. They aren't your friends. Everybody around you is causing this fog in your brain. You are better than this. I'm sorry if I suck at helping.

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