HIFW my superior at work have been ignoring and sabotaging me for 3 months because ''someone said I said something'' I never said.

Some back story, mostly because I need to vent. I always got along with my sous-chef. We had a minor altercation this summer, during a very stressful time when we were all working 14 hours a day everyday and she was being a bitch to everyone. Being stress and usually pretty blunt and direct, I told her off for screaming at people.

I few days later, I left for a short road trip. When I got back, everything was normal with her and we were joking around and chatting like usual. Except she was constantly complaining about me to other coworkers, from what they told me. One day, she suddenly started ignoring me completely, even when I was asking important work related questions. She told our managers that someone apparently told her I said she was lazy, which I never did. I actually think she one of the hardest worker here and she always gets a lot done. Unfortunately she does of lot of it wrong and I'm the one that have to silently fix it most of the time, as she takes any criticism really personally. And she definitly took being called lazy very personally and blew it out of proportions.

Twice a week, during the chef's days off, she's in charge and I'm working alone in the kitchen with her, and another guy in the next room, for 9 hours at a time. And she wont talked to me or answer any of my questions for 9 hours. Even if she's the only one who can answer them and it makes it really hard for me to do my job. When the chef is there, she will answer with one word answers while avoiding eye contact at all cost.

I really like this restaurant and I think the chef and the rest of the crew are amazing, so I've been trying to stay polite and professional with her and not cause more drama. This is really hard for me as I"m usually very opinionated and direct and have kind of a hard time dealing with authority.

I've talk about it several times with my chef and he's finding some solution so that we don't have to work together anymore, but it will take a couple weeks and, damn, I'll need a lot of strength not to punch her in the face until then.

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