Hitchens accused of "installing rape culture into the country" for saying we should maintain the presumption of innocence until proven guilty

It's quite infuriating when she basically says "Oh, he was accused and was innocent, so what? Forget about him."

Listen, we all know rape is a serious matter. I have a friend who was a rape victim. It's a horrible, horrible thing. And there are a lot of cases that never even get reported. Anyone who committed an act of rape deserves the sentence and can rot in hell. But as with murder or any other crime, there has to be solid evidence and proven in court.

But there must be real sentences for people who make up claims of rape. The fact is if you are accused of rape, sent to jail and were innocent, your life is pretty much over. You have that label the rest of your life. Try explaining at a job interview why you were in jail for rape for 7 years and say it was a mix up. Sure, that's going to go over well.

Yes, it's a complicated issue. But an equal share of the blame over rape culture goes to people who pull false accusations out of their ass for random reasons. When I was in college a girl made up a rape accusation because she cheated on her boyfriend with her ex. She got caught, so she told her boyfriend that her ex raped her. So the boyfriend called the police. This ex was dragged through the fucking mud. Word spread about what he did (thanks to the girl). His named was dragged through the fucking mud. He was guilty as soon as she made the report.

Guess what happened? She lied. She admitted it when the police realized the facts of her story where not adding up. Yeah, he didn't go to jail. But did we see his name being cleared? Nope. You never heard about it again. He had to drop out and move away.

They play a role in that as well and people like that particular women in the clip need to address the fact that people who make up fake claims are wrong and need to be punished.

My thought it if you accused someone of rape, they go to jail and it turns out you lied. You need to serve the same amount of prison time they had to serve. Equal rights. You got it.

People might not like my saying it, but that's too bad. Rape is serious. And every rape case needs to be carefully examined to ensure if the person committing the act is guilty they get the book slammed in their face and the victim gets all the help they need.

But, innocent until proven guilty. Tread carefully. Examine the facts. Then make your judgement. Don't let someone ruin another persons life just because they are embarrassed they had a sexual experience and are ashamed about it.

And, honestly, if you are a college aged male you really need to be careful about what you do. I wouldn't recommend having sex at all at a party where there's been drinking. It doesn't matter if you both only had one drink and you both consent, it's not worth the risk. I might sound like a buzzkill, but I've seen too many people at parties say they were going to say they were raped because they consented to have sex and were embarrassed someone found out or their current SO found out they had cheated.

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