The House bellwethers shift their tone on impeachment

I read a comment from a redditor a few days ago and I thought they had a really good idea about what to do during the impeachment of Donald J. Trump and subsequent Senate trial. I couldn't find their post but I want to give credit to this unknown person.

Loosely paraphrasing, this person said that instead of focusing to get Republicans in the Senate to convict Trump, which we all know they will never do, the Democratic party uses the information obtained from the impeachment proceedings to explain to the American people all of the corruption Trump has done and laws he has broken. Because the Democratic party is not known for great messaging the DNC should hire an outstanding and reputable media and public relations firm to create and disseminate media to educate and explain to the electorate with the purpose of convicting Trump in the arena of public opinion. These can include commercials, documentaries, 6 part min-series, you tube clips, what have you, but with the stated purpose to get the general public, especially those who do not pay attention to politics, to understand and become outraged because we have a criminal in our White House. They should focus not only on what Trump has done but just as importantly on all of the Republicans who support what he has done, sat silent, refuse to convict and shirked their oath to our Constitution. We need to use the impeachment as an opportunity to get an overwhelming majority to vote out Trump and every Republican that has enabled him.

What do you think of this idea?

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