How can I make my life more interesting?

Embrace silliness.

I don't know how best to describe these (jokes, games, maybe something else?) but my friends and I regularly come up with little things to do which are pretty dumb but we think are hilarious. For example, we'll have Clive Bixby nights (Phil Dunphy's alter ego from 'Modern Family') where we'll all go to a bar dressed in turtlenecks and sport coats and only drink Michelob Ultra. We do the same normal bar stuff and it's not like we act any different, we just shake things up a little bit which makes it 10 times more fun.

Another time we had a buddy who's girlfriend had this big thing planned for her birthday at one of the bars in our city. None of us got an official invite but instead a, "Oh...yeah, you guys can totally come" We took her up on that and rather than just go, we decided that we were going to dress like her boyfriend so maybe she'd like us more and next time we'd get a real invite. We raided his closet and dressed up in his clothes, wore his body spray, did our hair like him, etc. We showed up and he lost it, couldn't even explain to people what was going on with a straight face for the rest of the night.

Yeah, there are "serious", transcendental things you can do to "be more interesting" but sometimes doing things which are more interesting is all you need. Doing all these little things and seeing stranger react once I explain what's going on after they approach me has made me believe that there are so many people in this world longing for fun; not just going out but belly laughs, memories, inside jokes, and group experiences. Maybe you think my above example are dumb but embrace your own silliness, plan stuff to do, and you'll have interesting stories to tell.

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