How did you start making 100k+?

TLDR: Three degrees. Promoted from within to a Mid-level manager job where my boss was threatened by me. I Burned out. Moved across the country and finally started receiving my worth at an organization that’s already given me another 5% raise in my first year.

I started with BS in Kinesiology but not wanting to struggle in a boys’ club forever, I transitioned to healthcare. BS in Nursing, 8 years experience, MSN, and 2 more years experience. I’m reluctantly promoted from within to an org that largely appreciated me (though boss did not - she had HR sit in when she offered me the position so she could give me coaching; even the HR rep was uncomfortable looking… made no sense considering when I asked one of the senior leaders why they didn’t want to be among the 25 they had interview me for the internal position said, “you could literally fart in this chair in my office and walk out, and I’d still want you for the job”) in all ways except money put me where I thought I’d stay for awhile. I had always heard the only way to truly get a raise is to go to a different organization. I didn’t buy that because I hold value in loyalty, so I negotiated my salary when I was offered the promotion. They gave me a line that the internal cap for increase with promotion is 7%. That’s bullshit so I wrote down why paying me 15% more than my current salary was worth it. It was one page with objective proof of my value to the organ I my tenure as an employee there. HR rep said “overkill much?” when I handed to them and then gave me some line that executive leaders would have to approve it. Knowing those people knew me, I said “go for it.” I got the money. This put my just under $100k.

So comes the pandemic, I kick my ass for this organization and everyone that works there and receives care there. Boss has zero faith in me and even works around me to try and promote one of my employees above me. I say “f you” in the best way I know how: leverage relationships with colleagues across the nation and receive an offer for a position at a world-renowned research institute. It requires a move to somewhere with a COL increase so I ask for more money. And I get it. No fight. No balking. They meet me where I ask. I’m now we’ll over $100k and I’ve already received a 5% raise in my first year.

It’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me and my family. Some may not agree with a philosophy to negotiate salary, but I’ll never not do it again. What’s the worst they’ll say? “No but how about this?”

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