How to farm downvotes

I'm going to be downvoted so much for this, but people need to stop whining and get good. Yes, the mechs need nerfing but it's like evolution. You evolve with the meta or you did and whine like a little baby. The game changes frequently, and you need to realize that if you stop whining and play the game, you'll learn to counter the problem. Thanks to the people who complain, it'll be nerfed into oblivion and the people who enjoy playing the game will lose something that makes them feel more powerful and have fun. I don't think the mechs belong in arena mode. Fair claim. I am not going to suffer because the competitive players don't like what I and other people who play for fun like. The reason I don't say casuals is that it implies that I don't understand the game because I don't spend time on it. I play a lot. To put in bluntly and ignore what I just said, a bot is telling you to evolve with the meta and get good.

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