How hasnt Blizzard made a "Battle Royale" Mode yet?

rogues and feral druid just waiting in stealth

Tactically located eyeballs and/or other temporary "buffs" might help.

people complaining that their [insert class] don't stand a chance against [insert another class]

That's WoW PvP in general though, isn't it? Be it World PvP, BG's, Arenas, you name it. It's not a PvP game. I think they even gave up trying to balance it around 3v3. Some of us still enjoy it though.

The Mode could also have random buffs scattered around the map, ensuring everyone regardless of class has their time under the spotlight every now and then.

complains that only a single person wins

It can have 1st, 2nd, 3d places. And then there's always next game, right?

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