How I'd like to see Kevin Owens beat Goldberg.

I remember watching it live... I was a big Hart mark, I stopped watching WWE when he left or at least never watched raw live...

This moment I just remember my bother and I finally thinking this is it. Bret is going to be pushed correctly and be the champion soon.

He was booked decently v Goldberg, the whole I'm your friend stuff and then screwing him over to be champion. It was great heel Bret.

My brother and I saw Goldberg v Bret at the nWo house in Daytona Beach FL( ocean center in 96 when Hogan turned bad).

Ended with Jeff Jarret running in to hit Goldberg with a guitar and ended in DQ. It was after Starbase so Bret was champion that night.

We noticed Bret was going to the Adam's mark hotel across the street when he left in his car which was normal for most the wrestlers. We ran before anyone else noticed and got there as the Hitman pulled up.

He was our favorite since we watched as younger fans, and we told him we were sorry to bother him but this was the only chance wed get to meet the beat there is,was, and ever will be.

He laughed and was really appreciative, shook our hands and asked how we liked the show. He signed our program and Calgary Hitmen jersey. Saw the World Title in his trunk too, he showed us the belt for a picture but we had no camera unfortunately.

His career ended like 2 months later man.... I fucking hated Goldberg but it was an accident. But wrestling got robbed of some great matches with zbret being forced to retire. Bret v Angle may of happened, more Benoit, CM Punk, Eddie, etc..

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