How many of you are depressed because you're not in a relationship? Or don't think you'll ever find someone?

I've been dating my girlfriend for over 2 years and she has been dealing with severe depression & anxiety for most of her life. During the course of this relationship, she has visited 4 different therapists (none of which she felt helped her) and has been prescribed a rainbow of medication. About 1.5 year into our relationship we had a more "serious" conversation where she told me that if we hadn't met when we did she had planned to take her life that summer. Now, obviously hearing that tore me apart but one thing that I can tell you is that finding someone to help you though it seems to be a very good way of coping with it (at least for her it seemed to be the answer). BTW she was the one who first messaged me and as you may have guessed, being in the state that she is, she didn't expect me to answer but it has completely changed both of our lives for the better I assure you of that.

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