How often do you make a move on a woman in public that you find attractive?

umm I don't even do so much as glance at a woman in public so no chance I would even consider approaching them, no matter how attractive. At the gym it is like a minefield, no idea where to look. I have been accused of staring by a woman at the gym when all I was doing was sitting there zoned out for a minute after a hard set, I have never felt so embarrassed. And btw I have been told by plenty of women I am very handsome, so this whole good looking men can get away with it is BS in my opinion.

Nevermind the fact men have been told by the media and everyone else for years now to just leave women alone and to not bother them in public otherwise you are some kind of pervert. I would only ever talk to a woman if it is absolutely needed, like at the bank, work or whatever. As for dating type stuff I would only talk to girls I know very well who are my friends or in my friend group and even if I am introduced to a girl by current friends I tend to keep my distance until she talks to me first. I have no interest in being falsely accused of anything lol, you are safer just ignoring them all together. All it takes is one scorned woman to say anything bad about you and your life is ruined.

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