Hump Day Report for May 11, 2022

I discovered a slut kink I have. I have been denying it now for some time. I was worried being “too into sex” might scare my husband… which is silly I know, but women worry about weird shit. We have sex pretty much daily or I give a bj. Swallowing and sucking and licking after like a cumslut is what I do every time. I’ve done it so much I fucking enjoy it. Like it’s my move, my trademark lmao. My husband knows exactly what I’ll do every time. He’s growing a fucking ego from it though. Tonight was super weird for me. So I smoke a couple bowls out by the fire (we live in the country) and he got us chairs and I must have a green light on my forehead when I’m down for slut mode. He pulled out his dick and told me to suck it right there. All the neighbors could have watched quietly if they had wanted to. It was super late 12 so I doubt anyone saw… but my heart was pounding. He came so fast and I moaned at the end. Like for a moment I forgot where I was… a little too lost in it. It seriously turns me on. Crazy to think we will have been married 15 years this Fall… having the best sex of our lives.

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