IamA makeup artist AMA!

Probably the mom more than the bride. The bride had only ever worn makeup twice in her life, so I gave her a great rundown (she had no time for a test or trial) about what to expect, that I would tell her while her eyes are closed which eye I'm coming at and what I'm about to do, how weird mascara would feel, and liner, etc. Reason being, if you aren't used to having your face touched... people react strangely. They cringe and pull away or, worst of all, LUNGE toward the mascara wand which is just like... I'm amazed I haven't poked an eye out.

The Mom comes in and tells me how to do her makeup, cat eye, long lashes, red lips. I'm thinking this is about HER but she says no, my daughter would like the vintage pinup look, just do it. She was pretty intense and terrifying. I went back to the bride and said, "So I hear you want a vintage pinup look, red lips, the whole nine?" and she looks HORRIFIED. Luckily, at this exact moment two bridesmaids get into a straight up hair pulling brawl that lasts for 15 minutes while we all watch in terror and the Mom tries to pull them apart. They broke two entire palettes of deported MAC shadows, that's over $300 using my discount.

The mother looked at me, gave me $1,000 cash and told me to leave and they would just skip makeup. I finished covering the bride's acne before I left, told her good luck and suggested she get a separate room to get ready in. She said, "They're just mad because they're fighting over my cousin" I NOPED it the hell out of there.

A few months later I received a request on MySpace (this was a long time ago okay? lol) from one of the bridesmaids to do her wedding and I quickly asked when it was and said I was booked!

The second worst was a bridesmaid who took her shoes off while I worked on her and the odor was so powerful that I "accidentally" smeared clear lash glue under my nose to smell something else. Which, if you've never smelled, smells like rotten eggs.

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