"I'd date you, but only if you were less intense about the gym."

Did you read the article? Male contraceptive was being developed but eventually sacked by feminist groups in the early 70's for fear of losing control. Google it, do some research. It's publicly known though an unpopular subject given the party that blocked it is the same party 'feminist' blindly support.

feminism is about equal treatment for the sexes, autonomy for women, and is not about controlling men

The problem here is feminism, like most social movements, is taken over by those with the loudest voices, usually spouting messages of their superiority.

feminism is about equal treatment for the sexes

Cool, then fight for mens right's as well. Did you know our boys are being left behind in the classrooms? More women attend and graduate higher education now than boys. Where are the outraged feminist that will fix this? SOURCE

Or how about the stigma men face if they want to be a teacher? SOURCE

Or how about prison sentences for the same crimes? SOURCE

Other than Lauren Southern on Youtube, I do not see very many 'feminist' actually fighting for equality for both sexes, but rather only push the agenda for female superiority. The name 'feminism' alone is a misnomer if the party really wants equality. Why not rebrand as 'equalist', or better yet, 'humanist'?

I am not, nor will ever be a feminist. The party, especially third-wave feminism, is too radical and does NOT actually want equality.

However, I DO WANT EQUALITY. Not just between men and women, but all genders/ethnicities/sexual orientations and more. I don't agree with feminism because it isn't actually for equality looking at it's agenda today.

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