As if I didn't receive enough of this BS yesterday...

All right. I'm 30 and I have 5 younger siblings. All of which have SOs (with the exception of me just in case that was not clear) and the youngest is 18. None of us are married, and none of us have kids.

You would think that after 6 kids, the first of which was unplanned (I figured this out in first grade because math) and living just above the poverty line our whole lives, that my parents would be glad that we are either taking the time to make sure that we are financially stable, or at least taking the time to make sure that we even want kids in this moment.

Over this last christmas we had a cousin and her friend over who both had 9 month old kids. My mom and dad basically spent the whole time taking turns holding the newbies and telling us how much they would love a grandkid in thier lives.

It was all we could do to keep a positive attitude while subtlety trying to express the fact that we are individually not financially or emotionally ready.

These are the same parents that forced us to go to college. I should mention that according to FAFSA, they made too much much for us to qualify for financial aid. But at the same time they had too much on thier plates to even think about helping us with college expenses. We all tried to pay our own way through. Working full time and going to school full time. Surprisingly 3 have made it through so far, although thier 4.0+ GPAs and scholarships helped tons. 2 of us were pretty big screwups in life, so instead we got crippling student loan debt. And the last is just starting college, and instead of our parents helping her, it is us siblings giving what we can to make sure her dreams come through.

All in all I will never have a kid. I will never make enough to support having a kid. I will never mKw enough to retire on. I plan on living the fast life until I'm dead basically. I'm surprised that I made it tto 30 honestly.

BTW, this was written on my phone in 9degree snowy weather my walk home wearing those touch screen gloves so please excuse any.spelling errors the auto correct didn't catch.

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