I'm only 20. Has the world always felt like this? Does it always feel like we're on the brink of awful things and everything could go up in flames tomorrow? Or is this an outlier?

It's always like this. I recommend reading history books to get more understanding of the world and how people behave but yeah, this is how life is. Every time that was good for some people was terrible for others, there is no golden age. The 50s were great for middle class, straight, white, conservative, American men, but pretty horrific for women, non-white people, gay people, socialists and frankly most people outside the US. People look back at the 90s as a good time and it was for some people but there was also wars and genocides in Europe, the Middle East, Africa etc. The only thing that has changed is the Internet has allowed more people to have a voice and talk about what they're experiencing in real time.

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