Incentive to tip?

Honestly? I think I was expecting someone to point out something obvious I was overlooking that made non-tipping consequential. I thought it was such a glaringly obvious flaw that I had to be wrong about something. I just see a lot of posts on here complaining about lack of tips and I really think this is a big part of it. I assume most people accept that non-tipping is normal. Maybe I'm just helping explain why. I didn't expect so much hostility and tbh that made me even more likely to encourage others not to tip and explain why there is no reason to. If people keep giving a glimmer of hope to drivers, nothing will change. The tipping culture regarding this app is definitely not going to.

Are you wanting people to tell you that you shouldn't tip? Don't tip, we never expected that you would.

Tell that to your comrades here. And yes, maybe if tipping is discouraged then Uber will have to actually pay their employees partners.

You'll probably never see that driver again. Hopefully, he/she won't have to deal with you again either.

Maybe I will, maybe i won't. The point is it doesn't matter. Tip or no tip. makes literally no difference in the quality of service.

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