Intentional weight gain story

Here is list of pros and cons about being morbidly obese:

Things that you should keep in mind when you want to become fat is: - There will be no much choice for clothes... - Your belly will sometimes jiggle, forcing you to fall on ground. - You will sweat more than shower when you are showering.. - You can't jump now.. - If you are male like me, if you have huge boobs you need to wear bra. - Summer will be hardest, you will be covered in Sweat and it will be so hot outside. - You can't sleep on your back - on belly (sometimes) now... It will hurt.. - You will be covered in stretch marks now, lot of them.. - Your fat will sometimes come around you when you sit, and it will hurt a lot.. - You will need (sometimes) to hold your fat when you are sitting.. - Your butt will be huge. - Your skin will always be so lazy, forcing fat to hang and it hurts a lot... - Your thighs will touch and they will sweat a lot... - You will need to eat 10 times more than you eat as a skinny, and your body will use only how much your HEIGHT needs. Everything else will be stored in fat, usually in belly which will force Belly to grow huge. If you don't eat when your hungry, you will feel much pain and you will be ill or sick (a bit) (MY CASE). - You CAN'T hide your muffin top, wherever you go, It will hang and it will jiggle. - Remember: You will be much slower now. - You can't run now, ofc, sprint and do sports. - If you try basketball, you will be hungry and your belly will hurt 3 days. - You can only try some football (soccer). - You can't go with stairs now, you will be winded. - If you go on pool, when you are in water and you swim your belly will pull down and jiggle, a lot... - You can forget about Bikini or 2 Pieces if you are Female. - Your fat rolls will roll (ofc) and make a lot of pain..

BETTER SIDE: - winter! There is no need to dress to much! You have your fat ! - You can play with your belly, when you play with belly, ache will go away. - When your belly juggles it can be fun but sometimes can hurt, which is bad thing -.-' - You can eat how much you want, If you need more then you ate, you will not gain :)

SECOND PART WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW: - You can forget about your feet, you can't see them. - Fat rolls will multiply and jiggle 4x times more when you are obese...

Better side :D : - Your belly is super soft and it jiggles totally..

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