TIL that Theo Van Gogh was a Dutch film director. He was stabbed to death by an radical Muslim who took offense to a movie Theo made (with Ayaan Hirsi Ali) about the plight of women in Islamic society called "Submission". The murderer tried to decapitate Theo Van Gogh.

Yeah you do realize that you're responding to a guy who is responding to a guy that brought up LAWS, right? There are rules to the road. The one cabbie was telling the other to obey the rules of the road or get out...

This entire thread is about someone from a radical culture murdering someone for essentially disagreeing with them.

You might not want to assimilate any more than you have to, that's fine, but you should maybe be a bit sensitive as to what the topic of conversation is really about. You're cherry picking culture, that's fine, but you do have to abide by the laws of the country you live in, which is what the other people you're responding to are bitching about.

And honestly, I get what you said about assimilation being a great way to control the masses, but, well come on man, can you really ignore some of the crazy shit that people in your culture do? It's not a fallacy, can you really truly not understand why some people are wary of that culture seeping into North America? You yourself shy away from certain practices, and you grew up with them... Trust me, while even you dismiss those practices and avoid them, they will still seem more normal to you than they do to people who didn't grow up around them.

Maybe people would prefer you all to assimilate so that they're not worrying so much about whether you're a crazy person in disguise.

There are a lot of Caucasians that suffer from white guilt for what their ancestors did, things that we don't agree with, that we think are wrong. I don't see that in other cultures. I don't see pakistani people actually trying to make up for what the rest of their culture does. I just don't. Never. Every Pakistani person I've met, every single one of them has treated me like dirt. I keep an open mind, I try and imagine that it must be difficult having such a drastic life change, culture shock, ect ect, but I just don't believe those are legitimate reasons to, well, be extremely racist. And that's what it comes down to, you call us bigots-in-denial, well come on, I just genuinely want to meet people from your culture who don't treat me that way. I live in an area with a pretty large amount of people who have immigrated from Pakistan, It's not like I'm living in some rich suburb and never get to see it first hand... I've worked for many people who are from Pakistan, and I've worked alongside quite a few as well.

Anyways, ya, from what I see on a daily basis, you guys are more bigoted than the average Caucasian... Maybe you aren't specifically, maybe you're the one that I need to meet and get to know, but you should realize that the impression the vast majority of people in North America have is at best cautious, just as I realize that my ancestors committed atrocities and try to make up for it by being kind to anyone of any descent. I can think of examples such as my not understanding something someone with a thick accent says, I try to be polite because I understand that it's not easy to switch languages like that, but when I get them to repeat themselves, nine times out of ten I get a dirty look. And fuck man, I'm genuinely trying to understand them. Often they speak quickly, and pronounce things incorrectly, as well as having a deeper tone. It's fucking difficult to understand sometimes, and then they look at me as if I'm being racist, as if I'm some piece of shit that doesn't deserve to breathe the same air as them.

Skin color, nationality, race, it doesn't change the fact that you're a human being, we're all equal. That being said, yeah, we're all equal, but you don't see genital mutilation, violent homophobia, or repressive sexism socially acceptable here, those are things that are in horror movies, but they're also things that are surprisingly accepted in other cultures, you might argue that, but at the very least the repercussions for those actions in North America are infinitely more severe, and are actually punished in the vast majority of cases. So for North Americans, who are utterly not accepting of such atrocities, well ya, what are we supposed to think? Do you know how many husbands have killed their wives in Canada, and act like it's acceptable, because they weren't acting like their little slaves? We have had to change our laws so that the Crown can prosecute people in domestic disputes who aren't being charged by their partner. Like if a husband beats the shit out of his wife for disobeying him, and she's so fucking brainwashed that she feels he is right, she won't press charges. We had to change our laws so that the Crown can then prosecute those utter pieces of shit. So are you trying to tell me that this isn't real? That these things don't happen, and that we're all just foolish for being wary of it? I guess our court systems are racist and bigoted as well, because we had to change our laws to protect your women. And I'm not saying this is all Pakistani culture, I know for sure that a fair amount of it is, but Canadians, Americans, we're not seeing just the messed up Pakistani cultures, we're seeing all sorts of just utterly inhumane cultural practices. If your practices or culture are inhumane, like, come on man... I wonder how many people from Pakistan still feel like those cultural practices should be practiced, but simply hold back because they know they can't get away with it. The idea is still alive in them though, they still feel that way, and I think that it has something to do with all the dirty looks I get. They're looking down on me, they see me as less than they are, but they won't say anything because they know it's not acceptable here, doesn't change the fact that they still feel like they're above me, and it doesn't stop some of their actions from speaking for them. They might not call me a piece of shit, but they'll certainly treat me like one. And if the situations were reversed, I'd be getting called racist. So ya. There are double standards, and you're doing the same thing. You think that because you alone don't do those things that we should all believe they just never happen, ever. That's not the case. Sorry.

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