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I'm speaking in terms of liquor store bottle sizes where I live in the US, I'm not really a bar guy (can't afford to drink every night at a 500% markup, lol). The Jameson Black Barrel bottles I've seen are 375 ML (our "pint", yes, I know that's a stupid and misrepresenting measurement), and they are around the price of a fifth (750 ML) of mid shelf liquor($20 - $40, €17 - €33). I know that a 750 ML bottle of standard Jameson is around $32 (€26) where I live, which is on the cheap end of the spectrum, but falls in the price category of our mass produced middle shelf bourbons. The the more expensive whiskies you can buy here are most often scotch's, which are (not counting stuff like J&B) $60+ (€50+). All that being said, I live in a very rural area without much in the way of more expensive spirits to begin with. Most expensive stuff I've seen here was around $300 (€250)

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