Jeffrey Epstein's $22 million Palm Beach mansion will be demolished

I'm not a socialist, but fuck, rich people are making a lot of money < If you make $50,000 a year

There's your problem, imagining it on a salary basis. If you made $500,000 a year, it would still take 80 years, a lifetime, no food etc etc to pay for it. The ultra-wealthy aren't just "rich people." People who make $1 million dollars a year are priced out of many homes, not to mention other insane luxury items. Put simply, almost no one has ever become a +$60 mil guy, nevermind beyond that, on salary and bonuses. Some insanely valuable CEOs, but beyond that not really.

From Cuban to Bezos, these guys made their money by creating a company, and either selling that company or holding stock in it. No one could argue it was fair for say Steve Jobs to own 20% of the company he helped shape from the ground up. Well, if that company happens to become worth a hundred of billions, or a trillion, dollars than who's to say it's "wrong" that he reaps said benefits?

West Palm Beach area used a Trump stimulus fund meant for poor areas to build a mega-yacht repair facility

Sauce? Google not showing anything.

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