I knew US Presidential Elections cost a pretty penny. Seeing the magnitude of 2020 caught me off-guard. [OC]

An outlier because of the anybody-but-trump movement, and because of the DNC still putting up a lackluster candidate because they didn't have a popular candidate and had to rally behind someone or risk Sanders (DNC financial backers didn't want Sanders and wouldn't have funded him like they did Biden).

The interesting thing is that if that magnitude of spending yielded even modest returns at the ballot box, it means Trump would have won but for the Dem's 2020 splurge. Either there was next to zero return on the big spend, or Trump would have won without it.

Messaging does get votes, but I'd like to believe amping it up to the ridiculous doesn't accomplish much in the face of diminishing returns. Alternatively, a majority actually wanted Trump but Dem's essentially bought the election. For me the latter is harder to believe, but it's crazy that the election was as close as it was with that kind of spending disparity.

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