Level 30 players should not be placed into games with new players

I understand that it happens, I'm saying that it ought to happen.

Like I said, if you're playing against skilled players, then you are probably also doing something right that is making you win games. If you weren't finding ways to win games then your mmr wouldn't be where it was, so there's always something that you're doing correctly that makes you deserve the mmr that you're at.

You are clearly the one who doesn't "seem to fucking get that," despite the fact that all of my arguments are in text and that you can re-read them as many times as you like if you miss it the first time. Also, you're missing the entire point of the argument. I'm not saying that new players are never matched with veterans. I'm saying that if a new player is matched with a veteran, that new player is most likely as good as (or almost as good as) the "veteran," despite the fact that they might not have played for as long.

To make another analogy, if you had been playing league for 5 years and were bronze and I'd been playing for 2 months and were silver 5, then why should the matchmaking system intentionally keep us from matching against each other?

Different people improve at different rates, and it would be ignorant to claim that people should be matched together based purely on amount of time spent rather than on skill level.

So I'm making the argument that the system happens and is justified and fair, whereas you're focusing solely on whether or not this discrepancy in skill exists in some games.

In other words, you operate under the assumption that a disadvantage in skill between players is bad, but this scenario actually would only exist if there is another imbalance in skill elsewhere on the map that makes up for the discrepancy.

This problem that you've brought up isn't unique to the scenario of a level 30 and a new player; it happens any time there's a skill discrepancy in a team, no matter how big. If the skill discrepancy is smaller, then the effects are just observed to a lesser degree. Everyone learns to fucking deal with it, because it's highly statistically unlikely that there will be 9 players that are identical to you in skill level who also queue at the same time as you. Skill disparity isn't even a bad thing; on the contrary, we want it in games, because the only way to get better at anything is by adjusting your mistakes when a better player takes advantage of it. However, if you want to continue believing that rito's system is the one holding you back from challonjour and keep on staying at your current skill level rather than just figuring out how to get better than these "veterans" then be my guest.

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