LPT: No one cares about you nearly as much as you do. If you're afraid of doing something weird or stupid, people won't judge you nearly as much as you'd think they will.

Your comment just put my whole college experience into words. One of my friends is super judgemental, and keeps putting me down in hurtful ways because I want to do things like cut down on smoking, or exercise and eat healthy. (She also says incredibly mean things about people's appearance or behaviour that they can't help having.)

It used to get to me a lot for while to the point where I spiralled along with her just so I can be validated but once I realised that she only does these things to feel better about herself, her words pass right through me. She can call me a loser all she wants, but I'm still sticking to procrastinating in my room instead of spending time with her smoking weed all day.

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