I’m Vaxxed and I do not hate you for being unvaxxed.

That was my attitude early on. I felt like outreach and understanding were the way to go. I feel less that way now. I can see the data and it so crystal clear that the unvaccinated are the ones primarily driving hospital admissions and it's a problem for hospitals.

So, to the extent that I agree with you it's only up to a point. I think the heavy handed tactics to enforce vaccine compliance still make sense. It may not make as much sense, you know, once the 100 year pandemic passes. But until then I don't think there's room for just locking arms and singing kumbaya and saying "I respect your antivaxx stance as equal to all other stances".

Respecting the human dignity of all people, however, I completely support. I worry about the people who wish death on the unvaccinated.

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