Why so many straight men shame sexually active women when lack of potential hook ups is such a huge problem for men?

They never will. But I was just trying to explain the math.

And it's not the 1:1 ratio of a relationship. But it's still a numbers effect.

The most attractive guys? They just hook up with attractive women. Bc when you've got plenty of attractive women to chose from, why choose someone you find less attractive? That's market saturation.

And women realize when they are rejected as well. They just don't match with the guy or don't hear from them when they text them. What causes confusion some women are men who are willing to hook up with them, but not date them. But that effect would lessen, if the casual sex market evened out.

And what can you do to make the market more even? Either make men less interested in hookups or make women more open to hookups. That's the options you have.

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