Marriage Blues?

That's the difference, we go everywhere together pretty much. That's kind of the expectation. When I have stayed at home instead of going out with him and his friends, he got sad about it.

The few times where I have gone alone on trips to visit my family or a (former) friend, he would get upset/sad about staying behind. And would keep bringing it up passive aggressively. But then when I suggest we go on a trip farther than the immediate region we are in, he thinks it's just impossible and is completely uninterested. I am disappointed because I was given the impression that he was adventurous as well.

Not to mention his mother is very involved with us, we see her at least once a week if not more . I'm sure she'd be weirded out by me just dropping everything and leaving for a few months? Idk.

And also, I agree it's not reasonable to expect him to move because I'm bored. I cannot stand the feeling of being trapped and boxed in though. If he liked to travel with me to different places, or was even willing at all to consider living in another area sometime in the future maybe I'd feel differently. Being so tied to a certain region is something I can understand logically, but not a feeling I am personally familiar with.

As of late I'm just very conflicted about this decision I made

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