Mars Rover is a joke.

You said nothing with this. Stop pretending.

Yes, you are correct that I drew a conclusion from the ACADEMIC STUDY, not article.

You clearly don't understand it.

It is accounting for the hot plasma affects. Do you understand what hot plasma is?

Do you understand the obstacle that hot plasma presents in space travel?

Do you know of a material on earth that can withstand the effects of hot plasma?

Do you understand that in the absence of a solar storm, the outer belts are full of ultra-relativistic electrons that makes space travel impossible with the technology that NASA purportedly uses.

Do you understand that space is full of unpredictable ultra-relativistic electrons that reek havoc on other planets, which was discussed in this same study that you supposedly read and absorbed in less than a minute to use a psychological technique of pretending to be an authority figure, by utilizing elements.

You're a piece of shit.

Where is the hardened radiation protective material for the Curiosity?

Are you an imbecile?

Can you tell me the temperature of the exosphere?


You will have no choice.

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