McDonald's Russia fears are realized: Meet 'Uncle Vanya's'

I’m all for criticizing Russia, but I’m so sick of this Red Scare part 2 bullshit. The USSR fell 30 years ago and Stalin died 70 years ago, contemporary Russia is not the USSR. If you want to make a complex political analogy and comparison between Stalin’s authoritarianism and Putin’s, that’s fine - but it needs to actually be a complex political statement that should necessarily take into account the US’s role in Putin’s rise to power in the first place.

Americans get so pissed when you bring up how Biden has largely continued many of the same policies as Trump, and Obama before Trump, and Bush before Obama, but then will go on to be like “omg Putin is just like the guy who died in 1953 who’s government have been out of power for 3 decades!”

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