Give me your most ENTP-like story.

Story 1 Well, when I was in 8th grade at an international school this large, round obnoxious kid came along. An absolute shite. He picked on weaker kids, stole food and stationery, and more importantly kept getting the whole class punished. The other kids wouldn't stop bitching about how miserable he was making them. Exasperated, I told them, why don't you get the fat shite in trouble instead of whinging about it? Take all your complaints to the principal, at the same time. Then get your parents to complain.

Somehow I ended up representing the grievances of the 20 students who turned up because they were so scared and inept (not the first time, either. I was an irritant to that principal). Kid started behaving himself before eventually futzing off somewhere.

Story 2

I got my A Level Law tutor fired. I went to a shitty sixth form college and they pegged me as one of the few students who'd get 3 A's at A Level. Well, I got an A in my Law exam the first year (Year 12), but almost everyone else failed. So, management were on her back and she takes the stress out on us. Understandable. Only she starts spouting off bullshit that affects my learning. I become public enemy number 1 because I'm a cocky shit who's leading the sheep astray - oh, how those A2 exams are gunna decimate me. Err, wut? I'm already sitting on a C without having taken the exams, you crazy bitch. Then I discover she's futzed up bad. She'd stupidly forced us to learn a synoptic module before the other two modules and had lied to us, saying we were sitting the exam in January. That paper hadn't run in January for years. It was June paper. We were preparing for an imaginary January paper. I took this to her head of department. Maybe she made a mistake, theyd said. Futz you, I said, you're making me sit 3 Law papers in June why? Fix this. The idiots didn't.

I let them know I held them in grewt disdain. Sheer futzing incompetence, they were affecting the chances of kids getting into universities. Oh, I should mention at this point that you needed to get predicted grades from subject tutors to go along with your university applications. The law tutor predicted a C for me (lolwut) and I needed an A to avoid getting my application binned. Anyway, I told them I was dropping Law and doing an intensive A Level in a subject where someone knew what the futz they were doing. They blocked that option and forced me to talk to the law tutor to settle my predicted grade issue. I play along and decide to have some fun so I present her with a paper telling her the new teaching style is very Stalinist, among other things. She scoffs then turns to address me. "You know a lot of students failed last year and..." I zoned out as she talked about how hard her job has become. I cut her off eventually. "With all due respect, that's your problem and has nothing to do with me. I'm not even going to mention the synoptic paper issue. Now, are you going to give me an A for my predicted grade?" "No..." "Why not?" "Because it's hard to achieve at this level. You're going to have to put in so much work and I don't think you can do it..." More words follow, but I'm not listening. I laugh. "You know that's not true. I will get it. I'm sitting on a C now, I don't even need to get As for all 3 papers. There's no point carrying on with this conversation." I walked out and her head of department came out after me, in shock before she burst out laughing. Apparently law tutor (who was a former lawyer) was seething. I couldn't be arsed with the woman. Such incompetence.

Shortly afterwards, law tutor got fired. The class had a series of replacements, which was bad for them. I took charge of my own study. I was the only person who passed that A Level and I got that damned A. Suck it, law tutor bitch.

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